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Ecodrum™ Composters provide biosecurity to broiler and layer operations through daily mortality management. Ecodrum™ experience has forged proven waste analysis formulas for trusted Composter sizing.

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Ecodrum™ Composters provide biosecurity and efficiency in daily mortality at finisher and sow barns. Ecodrum™ experience has forged proven waste analysis formulas for trusted Composter sizing.

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Meat Processors

Meat Processors/Abattoir

Ecodrum™ Composters provide cost-effective, simple, and safe on-site inedibles disposal. Ecodrum™ experience has built trusted formulas for composting sizing. Whether you want to compost the entire waste stream or simply your hides, Ecodrum™ understands.

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Ecodrum™ Composters provide biosecure waste stream options for RAS or open net pen sites. Avoid the cost and carbon footprint of long-haul waste disposal, and tipping fees. Whether permanent site, or temporary permit, Ecodrum™ is onsite to help you.

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Why Ecodrum?

Ecodrum™ Composter is the leading provider of onsite in-vessel composting systems in North America.

In the past decade, Ecodrum™ has built relationships with over 500 clients worldwide. Ecodrum™ continues to work diligently with top universities on product development and compost research, including Texas A&M, Washington State University, University of Arkansas, and Louisiana State University, amongst others.

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The Ecodrum™ system is a proven technology, successfully installed on poultry, hog and meat processing operations throughout North America. The Ecodrum™ is perfect for both large and small scale production, and offers the following benefits:

  • Clean and simple to operate
  • Low cost operation
  • Reduces odor and pathogens
  • Maintains compositing activity in cold weather
  • Eliminates ground and water contamination
  • Produces a high quality compost used as a soil enhancer