People Farm

Ecodrum™ Composter started off as an idea: “Hey, I think we can do that!” With that simple thought, we caught the composting bug.

Where it All Began

Although we didn’t know it yet, years of research awaited – the grind as our next generation calls it. But relying on our generations of family business experience – both our blood family and our ‘incidental’ family of employees, relying on both we forged ahead. The result is Ecodrum™ Composter.

A Mission to Renew Waste

Our mission was to become industry influencers in deadstock management for production farms across the world. Working with Universities such as U of Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, WSU and more, partnering with governmental agencies such the USDA, the NRCS, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada) and multiple regional Departments of Agriculture to influence change.

Industry Breadth

Working with small farmer and large integrator alike, we have found acceptance by the poultry industry, the hog industry, the turkey industry, the meat processing industry, and the aquaculture industry.

As the world keeps changing, our Family wants to continue influencing. We continue to work to develop new areas, to spread the word about the power of composting (and the low odor when done properly!).

Ecodrum™ Composter. You Do Make A Difference.

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North American Composting Leaders

Ecodrum™ Composter is the leading provider of onsite In-Vessel composting systems in North America. Ecodrum™ has two manufacturing facilities – one in central Canada, and our headquarters at our purpose-built plant in Arkansas, USA.

Effective Partnerships

In the past decade, Ecodrum™ has built relationships with over 500 clients worldwide. Ecodrum™ continues to work diligently with top Universities on product development and compost research, including Texas A&M, Washington State University, University of Arkansas, and Louisiana State University, amongst others.

People Make the Difference

Our people are dedicated professionals, having successfully achieved University level certification in the field of composting. Our group includes engineering, production, administration, and sales professionals that ensure we manufacture and support our product to meet customer expectations.