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Aquaculture Composting

The Aquaculture industry faces unique challenges for mortality and effluent management. Ecodrum™’s resident Aquaculture Specialist (Matthew) has attended many tradeshows and visited many aquaculture operations in the effort to understand the challenge you face. From RAS facilities, flow through farms, and open net pens, Salmon, trout, tilapia and beyond, Ecodrum™ fits them all.

Fish mortality is volatile, noxious, and presents a bio-security concern. This volatile characteristic causes storage issues and pest / predator issues while waiting for disposal services. These services often hold a monopoly, which results in expensive disposal service fees.

With restrictions rising for raw manure application to agriculture, options are decreasing, and costs are rising. The Ecodrum™ family has options for manure management. Contact us for more information.

truck by the lake

The Ecodrum™ Benefits

  1. Versatile, In-vessel Composting
    The Ecodrum™ Composter is an in-vessel composting system that uses forced aeration and mechanical agitation to create and control the perfect conditions for rapid low-odor composting. The system is loaded daily, which helps to avoid onsite storage, and eliminates pest attraction and related problems.
  2. Durable and Low Maintenance
    Thanks to our patented automated control systems that regulate aeration, mixing, and the discharge of compost, the manpower required for operation has been significantly lowered. The sturdy polyethylene construction provides corrosion-free operation.
  3. Biosecure, Stable Byproduct
    Ecodrum™ Composters use time and temperature to kill most pathogens, producing a stable and bio-secure compost meeting Class A Compost standards. Regular testing is conducted.
  4. Energy Efficient
    Ecodrum™ Composters have an extremely low energy requirement.

… and of course, Ecodrum™ Composters are set apart by our people, engineering, support systems, and global reach.

With a Return on Investment often numbers in months, not years, Ecodrum™ In-Vessel Composters can greatly reduce your fish mortality costs for increased profitability and sustainability.

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We have multiple configurations that covers a wide range of industry needs. For needs that differ from the solutions here and custom projects, get in touch with us.™-Composter-Model-720-Schematic-1.svg

Ecodrum M720

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Ecodrum M730

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Ecodrum M740

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Ecodrum M750

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